Flippable soft or firm comfort

Comfort is easily adjusted by flipping this 6″ mattress over and selecting the soft or firm side.  Designed for long lasting sleep, either side provides a comfortable night’s sleep.



Performance and durability

Luxurious stretch cover is breathable and easy to clean. Responsive pressure relief core works to promote comfort and stability throughout the mattress for a more restful night sleep.

Comfort and Stability

3 layers of conforming foam layers – softer comfort, supportive responsive for pressure relief, and semi-firm offering a firmer feel. Our stable layers provide long lasting comfort with no sagging and a consistent sleep experience.

Adjustable Comfort

Dual Duty

Our Dual Duty semi truck mattress is the right solution for any long hauler. This foam mattress is a 6 inch combination of soft, medium, and firm foams. The core of the Dual Duty is firm foam, which provides the support of the mattress. One of the top layers is soft foam for those who like to be absorbed into the mattress, while the dual side consists of medium-firm foam for those who prefer firmer supported rest.

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