The Trapper Bed Foam Camping Sleeping Pad Collection

Upgrade your camping experience with our top-of-the-line sleep pads. Our Luxury Hunter Camping Sleeping Pad offers the ultimate comfort with its multi-layered foam interior and cool gel memory foam. It’s tough, durable, and comes in a water-resistant cover with rugged nylon fastening clips for added convenience.

Need something lightweight? Our Trapper Lite Bed 4″ Sports Camping Sleeping Pad is what you need. It features an easy to clean nylon cover that provides a comfortable sleeping surface while still being easy to carry and pack.

The Trapper Bed Camping Sleeping Pad Collection is available in four common sizes:
78” x 26” x 4”     |     80” x 30” x 4”     |     80” x 36” x 4”     |     84” x 38” x 4”

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Comfort and Performance – Outdoorsman Camping Pad


Engineered for both comfort and high-performance, utilizing cutting-edge foam layering technology.

The Luxury Hunter has four distinct foam layers, it includes a gentle cushioning top layer, a Cooling Gel Memory Foam layer, a performance-enhancing support layer, and a sturdy foam base layer.

The Trapper Lite is made of top two layers that seamlessly conform to your body, delivering a luxuriously soft pillow-top sensation. The bottom two layers establish a robust foundation, ensuring the mattress can comfortably support your weight.

Both effortlessly roll up and are secured with dual webbing straps and rugged nylon fastening clips. Featuring a built-in carrying handle, transporting a Trapper Camping Pad is a breeze.


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The TRUETIMBER® top cover is crafted from 600 Denier coated Polyester Camouflage fabric, providing robustness and featuring a durable water repellent finish on the face. The bottom fabric incorporates a non-slip material, preventing the pad from unwanted sliding. Both cover materials are water-resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Cool Gel Memory Foam: This technology ensures even distribution of body weight, incorporating infused liquid gel for a cooler sleep experience. Offering a plush, luxurious, and consistent feel in all climates, it delivers unbeatable comfort and support along with cooling benefits.

Designed with a medium-firm core, the mattress promotes comfort throughout its entirety. Weighing approximately 20lbs, this mattress is ideal for truck/car camping or as a base camp for hunting.

Customer Service

Customized to Your Specifications.

If your desired size or the unique shape of your rig requires a tailored mattress, we’ve got you covered! Reach out to one of our knowledgeable associates to discuss your specific mattress requirements. With the capability to craft both mattresses and covers, rest assured that we can create the truck mattress you’ve been searching for.



98% of Truck Mattress customers recommend our product to others! Explore testimonials from and parent company North America Mattress Corp. to discover firsthand what people are saying about their experiences.

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Mattress was better than expected, delivery was quick and fit perfect!!!

Michael Robinson / Amazon Verified Purchase

Bruh, this mattress is a GAME CHANGER. so unbelievably comfortable you’d think it was made out of angel hair and heavenly clouds. Definitely worth every penny

Daniel Ives / Amazon Verified Purchase

This is the 3rd mattress I tried and it is magic. Thicker than advertized. Firm AND soft. This mattress is well made and very comfortable to sleep on. I'm usually asleep within minutes on this slice of heaven - way faster than I can get to sleep in my own bed at home 🙂

Kelly & Dee / Amazon Verified Purchase

Have a bad back and couldn’t find a foam mattress that didn’t sag until I got this one. Thought it might be too firm but it was perfect and you don’t sink down to the bottom when sitting on it. I weigh 250 lbs and we’ll worth money.

Mark Homan / Amazon Verified Purchase