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★★★★★Road Premier | Plush quilted memory foam mattress

Road Premier - Our Best Quality Truck Mattresses

Our Premier Mattress for trucks or home. Featuring a special lofted quilt top cover that provides a cooler and plush feel over 2″ of conforming memory foam. This mattress is designed to support you in any position while resting or sleeping. The layering of the mattress is where the magic happens. It starts with the soft foam on the top and graduating to firmer foam on the bottom. One of our best quality truck mattresses.

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★★★★ Road ElitePremier Memory Foam Mattress

Road EliteThe Road Elite is a premium grade 4lb Memory Foam truck mattress. Just underneath the Memory Foam is a soft foam layer which conforms to you. It also provides the super soft feel of a pillow top. While the firm foam foundation helps the mattress sustain your weight. This results in the perfect semi truck mattress to support you for years to come. One of our best selling, quality truck mattresses.

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★★★★ Big Trucker | Specifically for larger drivers

Big TruckerWith extra comfort and support, the Big Trucker is made specifically for larger drivers. One of our quality truck Mattresses with a full 7 inches of the highest quality foam. This mattress will not flatten out. This semi truck sleeper mattress is constructed with a soft foam top layered over medium-firm density foam. The bottom layer is extra firm to compete this combination for total comfort and support.

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★★★★ American Road Dream | Memory Foam mattress with Hypo-Allergenic,Vinyl cover

American Road DreamOur ultimate semi truck American Road Dream mattress is designed for those semi truck drivers on the road many days. With our 4.0 lb density Memory Foam, this mattress provides a restful and comfortable night’s sleep after a long haul. Our “in house” design team has incorporated the top quality density Memory Foam with a soft foam internal layer. Plus a firm foam base that brings you both comfort and support in one superior truck mattress.  This is a popular for Freightliner trucks, as well as Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo. One of our favorite quality truck mattresses.

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★★★ Dual Duty | Flip Mattress for Firm Support or Soft Conforming

Dual DutyComfort is easily adjusted by flipping this semi truck mattress over. Select the soft or firm side. The Dual duty is a 6 inch combination of soft, medium and firm foams which transforms into an amazing semi truck mattress. The core of the Dual Duty is firm foam.  It provides the support of the mattress. The dual sides consist of a medium-firm foam for those who prefer firmer supported rests and a soft conforming side for a soft sleeping surface. This is the perfect truck mattress for those who need variety. Simply flip this mattress to whichever side you or your guest prefers for the night.

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★★ Western Road Sleeper | Durable Comfort multi-density Foam

Western Road DreamProviding extreme comfort, the durable Western Road Sleeper is what is needed for a perfect nights rest on the road. Using multi-density foam, total body support assures some good quality rest time in your RV or long haul rig throughout the night. With our soft foam top and bottom surrounding the firm foam in the middle, this mattress absorbs and contours to your shape provided by the top layer while providing ample support from the center. The nylon cover proves to be a great dust barrier without being uncomfortable or noisy. The Western Road Sleeper can be found in but not limited to semi trucks build by Volvo, GMC, Mack, Freightliner and Peterbilt.

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The Layover | Dual sided, economical, washable cover

The LayoverOur basic long haul mattress. The layover is a dual sided, economical truck mattress. The durable beige cover is easily removed and washable for the driver change. The solid foam technology allows this truck mattress to be flipped to use either side as the top for extended years of use. With 5 inch medium density foam, this Our best quality truck mattress can be used virtually anywhere while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Everynight Road Deluxe | Our most economical truck mattress

Everynight Road Deluxe
Our Everynight Road Deluxe is the economical semi truck mattress, which provides a comfortable night’s sleep while on a long haul. The heavy duty nylon cover is designed to last longer than a traditional mattress cover, and offers an easy cleaning surface using mild soap and water.  We have created the medium-firm foam to have the convenience of dual-sides, meaning either side may be used as the top for extended years of use! This truck mattress can fit in any semi truck cab, including Mack, Western Star, Peterbilt, and Freightliner. A quality truck mattress at an affordable price.

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Choose the mattress that fits your needs.  From our luxurious Road Premier to the economical Everynight Road Deluxe we have the perfect mattress for you!

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We manufacture replacement truck mattresses for semi truck sleepers,
long haul rigs, RV’s and many more Nationwide!

We offer the best mattresses for driver and passenger comfort, resulting in a great night’s sleep or a smooth ride for the driver teams. In addition to our semi truck mattress line, you’ll find our products are used worldwide. Our handmade mattresses are also used but not limited to hospitals, summer camp mattresses, university dorms, and disaster reliefs.
North America Mattress Corporation’s products can be made with high density Memory Foam technology and have durable nylon or vinyl covers; which are both comfortable and affordable. There are many different models and styles to choose from, meeting your every semi truck need.
Our uniquely designed mattresses ensures a restful night’s sleep in your semi truck sleeper by letting our customers choose the right personal density needed. All mattresses go through quality assurance before leaving the warehouse; every mattress meets strict U.S. fire codes, are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and easily cleaned!
Mattresses purchased from North America Mattress Corp. are made in the USA, making your purchase help stimulate the economy!
Don’t see your size or need an irregular shaped mattress to fit in your semi truck cab? We make custom mattresses! Please call one of our helpful associates to discuss your mattress needs. With the ability to manufacture the mattresses and covers, you can be assured we can make the truck mattress you have been looking for.

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Whether you are looking for a Freightliner replacement mattress or a Kenworth mattress, we have you covered. We can also make mattresses to fit: Peterbilt Motors • Volvo • Mack • Chevrolet • Ford • Mitsubishi • Western Star • Autocar • and many more! Give us a call today!

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